The Curbing Cars Newsletter Takes A Holiday

All the ways we get around and their intersection with the earth.

Happy Holiday Week!

For our Canadian readers, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day. I certainly miss visiting Canada, and can’t wait to get back once the borders re-open.

For our American readers, happy Fourth of July weekend!

Probably some of you will watch Hamilton today, if you have access to Disney+. Don’t miss it. I saw Hamilton in Chicgao in 2016, and it’s an invogorating experience.

I also wish you a happy Fourth. Be sure to observe all the standard COVID-19 protocols: wear a mask if you’re in public, wash your hands, stay home if you can possibly do so.

If you show any symptoms, get tested. Free testing has started to become widely available in many parts of the country.

If you set off fireworks, be careful. There’s a drought in many parts of the country, and fireworks can spark grass fires.

For everyone else, have a restful and healthy weekend.

We’ll be back on Sunday, July 12. Thanks!