On This Week’s Curbing Cars Podcast: The Toyota Prius Turns 20

Twenty years ago, Toyota introduced a vehicle in the United States that would make automotive history: the hybrid-electric Prius.

There was skepticism. But the Prius prevailed. Toyota has sold 6 million worldwide, and nearly 2 million members of the Prius family in the U.S.

I became a Prius owner in 2008, after the lease on my Lexus RX expired. I wrote about my adventures as a hybrid owner in The Prius Diary at the New York Times.

Another convert: my brother Frank Maynard, an award-winning broadcast engineer in Detroit. This week, we talk about our Prius experiences for the Curbing Cars podcast.

The episode will be live on Friday afternoon. Please take a listen, and subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts. You can get caught up on the Curbing Cars podcast here