A New Feature For Our Paid Subscribers: Q&As

All the ways we get around and their intersection with the earth

The Curbing Cars Newsletter offers some special features for our paid subscribers. And we’re adding another one: Q&As.

But this won’t be me doing the interviews. Instead, you get to pose the questions to me.

As a paid subscriber, you’re entitled to ask me about the transportation topic of your choice.

You can pick the auto industry, airlines, public transit, public policy, history, or anything else you’ve seen us cover. I’ll track down factual answers, if they exist, and add my opinion.

(Keep in mind that I’m an author and a journalist, so my technical expertise is limited, and I can’t intervene to get you a refund on your plane ticket or a new car if you have a lemon.)

Here’s how to get in touch.

After you receive the Curbing Cars Mid-Week Report on Wednesday, simply hit “reply” and ask away. Alternatively, you can email me at mamayn@aol.com.

You’ll get a personal response, and I’ll occasionally round up some of the best or most frequently asked questions, and share them with all our paid subscribers. I’m curious to find out what you’re curious about.

I just launched a special offer on new paid or gift subscriptions. You can convert from the free newsletter to a paid subscription any time. I’d love to have your support for our journalism.

So, let’s start the Q&A, and thank you.